Patent Protection for Your Professional Needs

As patent attorneys, we represent companies worldwide in all interactions with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), patent licensing and procurement transactions, and litigation involving patents. Patent law is considered among the top two to three most complicated areas of law, and having a law firm that understands the process is invaluable. At the Law Office of Jenna F. Karadbil, we help you appreciate what a patent is and how it can be a valuable asset for your business.

Our Patent Practice

At the Law Office of Jenna F. Karadbil, we leverage in-depth business and industry insights to help clients strategically align IP assets with their business goals. We frequently appear before the USPTO and federal courts, and we routinely travel globally to meet with our clients to discuss the intricate details regarding their matters. We are involved throughout the lifecycle of the patent for domestic and global clients and offer full-service representation in patent law.

U.S. Patent Litigation

We represent all parties involved in patent-related litigation in federal district and appellate courts, including patent owners, patent applicants, alleged infringers, and other parties. In addition, we represent clients in arbitration and mediation involving patents.

Global Patent Transactions

From individual licenses to global corporate mergers and acquisitions, we counsel and represent businesses worldwide concerning all facets of complicated patent transfer and transactions.

Patent Counseling

We assist our clients in making informed decisions about safeguarding their innovations and other intellectual property (IP), including by looking into potential registration challenges and evaluating litigation risks connected with proposed business activities or transactions.

USPTO Registration Applications, Challenges, and Appeals

We represent businesses in all USPTO concerns, from drafting and submitting patent applications to appealing rejections.

Consult with an Experienced Patent Law Attorney

We can help you through the lifecycle of the patent process from counseling, applications, transactions, litigation, and appeals. A skilled and experienced attorney can help you along the way. For help in obtaining your patent, contact an experienced patent attorney at the Law Office of Jenna F. Karadbil.