Telecommunications Law

The practice of telecommunications law requires a proactive and informed approach that is current and stays focused on the evolving needs of clients. At the Law Office of Jenna F. Karadbil, P.C., our telecommunications law practice recognizes that given the pace of technological change, state and federal laws often are unable to keep up. 

Telecom Runs on Complex Legal and Regulatory Processes

At the Law Office of Jenna F. Karadbil, P.C., we take a big-law approach through a boutique firm format. This allows us to serve the needs of clients large and small while keeping our firm agile and not overly leveraged, allowing us to provide you with competitive services. We help clients develop their interests in the telecommunications industry while providing a variety of services, including:

  •     Subsea Cable Construction and Licensing
  •     Local and International Telecom Agreements
  •     Mergers and Acquisitions of Cable Owners and Telecom Providers

Whatever role your company plays in the telecommunications industry, compliance and informed advocacy are important elements of your competitive advantage.

Telecom Providers Need Informed Advocates to Advance the Industry

By working with an experienced telecommunications lawyer, your company will be able to keep abreast of regulatory changes and be able to leverage them to your advantage. 

With our experience negotiating deals in both the boardroom and the courtroom, we are able to proactively approach whatever legal challenges you may be facing. We can be of particular value during the contract negotiation stage, but if that stage has been passed and you are in the midst of litigation, we are also capable of aggressively advocating for the best possible outcome on your behalf. 

Learn How a Telecommunications Lawyer from JFK Law Can Help

There are a number of attorneys from which to choose on the market, and the American Bar Association notes that the number one thing to consider is their experience. The experienced telecom lawyers from the Law Office of Jenna F. Karadbil, P.C. have been working with clients for many years, and we invite you to reach out so that we may review your needs to determine if we are a great fit. To discuss how we can help, give us a call at (646) 527-7323, or visit our site to schedule a consultation.